Design & Build of Adh.Maamigili Major Roads

15 July 2021

Project Summary
ADH. Maamigili is an inhabited island located in Alif Dhaal atoll, and is the largest and most populous of the islands of Alif Dhaal Atoll which border the South Ari Marine Protected Area (MPA). The island is 107.51 km and is estimated to have a population of over 3000 people.
The poor road condition of Maamigili has been a vital issue for the citizens of the island. Some roads aren't properly maintained over the years and that negligence can be dangerous and can lead to concurrent consequences.
Project Scope:
  • Construction of New Asphalt Roads.
  • Design & Construction of Carriageway and Sidewalk.
  • Design and Construction of road side gutters and storm water management system.
  • Installation of Speed Breakers and Road Sign boards.
  • Installation of Road Lights.
  • Installation of Street Lights on Existing Roads.
  • Construction of Speed Breakers on Existing Roads.
  • Painting of Zebra Crossings on Existing Roads.

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26 Sep2020




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Road Construction