Design and Build Major of Roads at N.Holhudhoo

31 October 2022

The scope of the project includes the following:
Construction of new asphalt roads 
  • Detailed Surveys including topographic survey, geotechnical survey, hydrological survey, and any other surveys required for the detailed design of the proposed roads and storm water management system. 
  • Detailed design of the roads including a storm water management system for the proposed roads. 
  • Carrying out an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to the required of environmental project agency (EPA) 
  • Construction of sidewalk including construction of drainage gutters, provisions with junction for future utility lines, construction of tree pits, curbstones, and paving of sidewalk using interlocking blocks. 
  • Construction of Stormwater management system. 
  • Construction of Aggregate best course. 
  • Construction of Asphalt wearing course including the application of prime coat. 
  • Lowering / raising the exiting utility junctions to the new road surface levels. 
  • Installations of road markings including lane lines, road shoulder lines, zebra crossings using thermoplastic paint. 
  • Paving zigzags of carriageways - for 2 road
  • Installation of speed Breakers and road sign boards. 
  • Installation of road lights with foundations including installation of all electrical cables required for the road lighting. 

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31 Oct2022




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