Design and Build of HA.Dhihdhoo Phase 2 Major Roads

21 July 2022

Project Scope:
  • Construction of New Asphalt Roads.
  • Construction of sidewalk including construction of drainage gutters, provisions with junctions for future utility lines, construction of tree pits, curbstones and paving of sidewalk.
  • Construction of Stormwater management system for the proposed roads.
  • Construction of aggregate base course.
  • Construction of Asphalt wearing course.
  • Lowering/raising the existing utility junctions to the new road surface levels.
  • Installation of road markings including lane lines, road shoulder lines, parking zones, zebra crossings.
  •  Installation of road lights with foundations including installation of all electrical cables required for the road lighting.
  • Installation of speed breakers and road sign boards

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28 Apr2022




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Road Construction