Design and Build of Major Roads at R. Alifushi

17 June 2023

The scope of the project includes the following:
Construction of new asphalt roads 
  • Detailed surveys, including a topographic survey, a geotechnical survey, a hydrological survey, and any other surveys required for the detailed design of the proposed roads and storm water management system. 
  • Detailed design of the roads, including a storm water management system for the proposed roads. 
  • Carrying out an environmental impact assessment (EIA) to the requirements of the environmental project agency (EPA) 
  • The construction of the sidewalk included the construction of drainage gutters, provisions with junctions for future utility lines, the construction of tree pits and curbstones, and the paving of the sidewalk using interlocking zigzag blocks. 
  • Construction of a stormwater management system.
  • Construction of an aggregate base course.
  • Construction of an asphalt wearing course, including the application of prime coat. 
  • Lowering / raising the exiting utility junctions to the new road surface levels. 
  • Installation of road markings, including lane lines, road shoulder lines, and zebra crossings, using thermoplastic paint. 
  • Installation of speed breakers and road sign boards. 
  • Installation of road lights with foundations, including installation of all electrical cables required for the road lighting. 

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