Design & Build of Lh.Hinnavaru Major Roads

15 July 2021

Hinnavaru is an inhabited island located in Lh atoll, 146.11km south of capital city, Male’. The Island has a population of over 5000 people. The roads of Hinnavaru have not been paved or developed until now and are in poor condition. The poor road condition of the island has remained a major concern for the residents of Lh. Hinnavaru. This project aims at providing much needed developments to major roads of the island.

Project Scope:
  • Construction of New Asphalt Roads.
  • Design and construction of the carriageway and sidewalk.
  • Roadside gutter design and construction, as well as storm water management systems.
  • Installation of Speed Breakers and Road Sign Boards.
  • Installation of Street Lights.
  • Painting of Zebra Crossings.

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08 Apr2021




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Road Construction