Commencement of Asphalt Laying in Kulhudhuffushi City

22 January 2024

Deputy Managing Director of RDC, Mr. Mohamed Nabeeh Afeef, along with the Senior Management Team, is currently on an official visit to Kulhudhuffushi City, marking the commencement of asphalt laying on Maitu Magu.
Maitu Magu asphalt laying was started today, following earlier work on Dhon Umar Kaleyfaanu Magu, where one side of the road was completed with asphalt laying. ABC layering work on 10 additional roads surrounding Dhon Umar Kaleyfaanu Magu in the east and west has been completed and is gearing up for the asphalt layering phase. The ongoing project, valued at MVR 100,700,048.55, falls under the road design and building policy of Kulhudhuffushi City, Phase 2.
The project scope encompasses the construction of new asphalt roads, the design and construction of carriageways and sidewalks, roadside gutters, stormwater management, the installation of speed breakers and road signs, as well as enhancements to road and street lighting, including the painting of zebra crossings.
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