Commencement of the Groundbreaking Event of Major Roads at N. Holhudhoo

30 May 2023

N. Holhudhoo witnessed a momentous occasion as the Managing Director and the senior management team of RDC arrived on the island for the commencement of the groundbreaking event of N. Holhudhoo road project. The day began with a productive meeting between RDC's management team and members of N. Holhudhoo Council, focusing on the development of the island's road infrastructure.
The groundbreaking ceremony itself was graced by the presence of key figures, including Managing Director Uz. Moosa Ali Manik, Deputy Minister of Fisheries, Marine Resources, and Agriculture, Mr. Ahmed Fathih, alongside members of the Holhudhoo Council and representatives from the Planning Ministry.
Addressing the attendees, Deputy Minister Ahmed Fathih and RDC's Managing Director, Uz. Moosa Ali Manik, emphasized the significance of this road project for the community. The groundbreaking moment was a collaborative effort, symbolizing the commitment of all involved parties to the development of N. Holhudhoo. The groundbreaking was carried out jointly by Managing Director, Uz. Moosa Ali Manik, Deputy Minister Ahmed Fathih, and members of the council, marking the official commencement of this vital road project for the island.
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