Management of RDC meet with Lh. Naifaru Council

23 January 2024

Brigadier General (Retd) Ali Zuhair, the Managing Director of RDC, along with the Senior Management Team, held a meeting today with the Council President and other Council members of Lh. Naifaru.
The primary focus of the meeting was to discuss and find solutions for the road development project in Lh. Naifaru.
The main agenda included a detailed examination of the upcoming project in Lh. Naifaru. This involved an overview of the proposed development plans and the associated project timeline.
Concerns raised by Lh. Naifaru Council highlighted the immediate need for a temporary solution to address the current state of the roads. They emphasized the importance of leveling up the roads to enhance safety and accessibility for the community.
The collaborative effort between RDC and Lh. Naifaru Council underscores the commitment to inclusive development and addressing the specific needs of the local community.
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