Management of RDC meet with Malé City Council

08 January 2024

Brigadier General (Retd) Ali Zuhair, Managing Director of RDC and Mr. Ahmed Nareesh, Acting Mayor, along with Management teams meet to discuss current issues and explore potential collaborations.
The discussions focused on fostering collaborative efforts to tackle road development challenges, optimize resource allocation, and ensure the timely execution of vital projects.
During the meeting, both parties engaged in fruitful discussions aimed at formulating collaborative strategies. These strategies aim to address road development challenges comprehensively, combining expertise and resources to achieve optimal results. The emphasis was on creating a synergy that would lead to effective problem-solving and streamlined project execution.
This collaborative initiative between the Acting Mayor and RDC officials represents a pivotal moment in the city's pursuit of urban excellence. As the partnership unfolds, residents can anticipate positive developments in road infrastructure, fostering a more accessible and well-connected urban environment.
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