Management of RDC meet with STELCO

26 December 2023

Brigadier General (Retd) Ali Zuhair, Managing Director of RDC and Mr. Hussain Fahmy, Managing Director of STELCO, along with Management teams meet to discuss current issues and explore potential collaborations.
STELCO’s main business consist of power generation and distribution of electricity. The company’s operations have expanded with the addition of water & sewerage networks to the company’s operations.
Currently, STELCO operates 35 powerhouses and 6 water and sewerage networks in the Greater Male Region and majority islands of Kaafu, Alif Alif, Alif Dhaal and Vaavu Atoll.
The purpose is to develop a strategy for collaborative efforts that combines the strengths of companies to address challenges and contribute with strategies to formalize cooperation, negotiate issues, and identify opportunities in the best interests of both companies.
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