Sh. Milandhoo Road Project Nears Completion, 95% of Work Finished

03 June 2024

Sh. Milandhoo Road Development Project, a significant infrastructure initiative, is nearing completion, with 95% of the construction work already finished. The project, which began with the signing of an agreement on 12th March 2020, is being carried out at a cost of MVR 156,477,632.23.
The project involves the modernization of nine roads and three lanes, spanning a total of 6.3 kilometers. The installation of curbstones is almost complete, with 98% of this work finished; road lighting installations have also been completed, and asphalt laying on all the roads except one has been completed. The current ongoing work includes the creation of speed breakers and the installation of road signs, as the project moves towards its final stages.
The project faced significant delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The agreement to modernize Milandhoo’s roads was signed on the same day a health emergency was declared in the Maldives. This unprecedented situation forced the company to halt its ongoing projects, including the one in Sh. Milandhoo, due to transportation challenges and travel restrictions to rural areas.
The pandemic also caused delays in the arrival of equipment and materials imported for the project. Additionally, the lockdown and other COVID-19 restrictions led to a shortage of essential supplies and reduced staff availability, further impacting the project’s timeline.
Despite these challenges, the project is now close to completion, marking a significant milestone in the development of Milandhoo’s infrastructure. The completion of the road project is expected to bring enhanced connectivity and modernized roadways to the region, greatly benefiting the local community.
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