ADh. Maamigili Project Updates

31 March 2024

07th April 2024 - 20th April 2024
Along Beach Road, attention is devoted to excavating and installing curbstone lines, enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of the thoroughfare. Additionally, the installation of three light bases promises improved visibility and safety along this coastal route. Meanwhile, on Bonthijehi Magu, essential maintenance work is underway, including the leveling of manhole junctions and concrete surfaces. The replacement of cable junction pipes ensures the seamless operation of utility networks, while the laying of pressure pipes further enhances infrastructure. Backfilling activities complement these efforts, ensuring the stability and longevity of the newly installed components. Notably, the installation of cable junctions and pipes signifies a commitment to modernizing and optimizing utility infrastructure for the benefit of the local community.  
31st March 2024 - 06th April 2024
In Ameenee Magu, efforts are focused on road cleaning and backfilling activities around the cable junction area. Concurrently, at Bonthijehi Magu, tasks involve removing concrete covers from manholes, followed by thorough cleaning. Additionally, adjustments and leveling of sewerage manholes are being undertaken to ensure optimal functionality along Bonthijehi Magu. Furthermore, along Gevehi Magu, attention is directed towards junction work. 
24th March 2024 - 30th March 2024
In ADh. Maamigli, significant infrastructure improvements are underway on Bonthijehi Magu, Gevehi Magu, and Rahdhebai Magu. On Bonthijehi Magu, efforts include raising the stormwater tank for enhanced drainage capacity, as well as installing grating frames and casting grating on the sides, along with corner curbstone installation, all aimed at optimizing the road's drainage system and improving pedestrian safety. Similarly, on Gevehi Magu, projects involve raising the stormwater tank, installing grating cover frames and cable junction frames, and conducting stormwater replacement work, indicating a comprehensive approach to improving drainage infrastructure and utility services in the area. Meanwhile, on Rahdhebai Magu, backfilling operations are in progress. These initiatives collectively signify a concerted effort to enhance infrastructure and amenities for the residents of ADh. Maamigli.
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