Asphalt Laying Commences in Gdh. Thinadhoo

28 May 2023

Gdh. Thinadhoo marked a significant milestone as the commencement of asphalt laying was celebrated with a grand ceremony attended by esteemed guests. The event was graced by the presence of RDC's Managing Director, Uz. Moosa Ali Manik, and senior management. Additionally, notable attendees included senior officials from Gdh. Thinadhoo Council, parliament members, and government officials.
During the ceremony, Gdh. Thinadhoo Council President, Mr. Saudhullah Ali, and Member of Parliament for Thinadhoo Dhekunu Dhaaira, Mr. Abdhullah Saneef, addressed the audience, emphasizing the importance of this project for the island's development.
Uz. Moosa Ali Manik, in his speech, highlighted RDC's commitment to island development and its residents. He underscored the creation of job opportunities as a pivotal aspect of the project and expressed RDC's dedication to employing local talent. Notably, this project has already generated 55 job opportunities for the people of GDh. Thinadhoo.
The ceremony culminated with the official inauguration of the asphalt laying works by MD Uz. Moosa Ali Manik, marking a promising step forward for the island's progress and prosperity.
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