Dh. Kudahuvadhoo Project Updates

24 March 2024

07th April 2024 - 20th April 2024
Along Husainee Hingun, initiatives include trenching for street light cables, laying these cables, and subsequent backfilling and leveling activities. Simultaneously, sidewalk paving efforts are underway, enhancing pedestrian accessibility and safety in the vicinity.
In Nirili Goalhi and Bodurasgefaanu Magu, the focus is on sidewalk paving, aiming to create pedestrian-friendly environments conducive to community engagement and mobility. Meanwhile, Muhihdheen Magu and Ameenee Goalhi witness tree pit making and sidewalk paving projects, respectively, further enhancing the greenery and walkability of these areas. Lastly, Sosun Magu undergoes tree pit making as well, enriching the urban landscape and promoting environmental sustainability.
31st March 2024 - 06th April 2024
Along Fareedhee Magu, essential tasks include excavating for stormwater management, rectifying cable junctions, and conducting backfilling and leveling work. Simultaneously, the installation of stormwater junction type A1 tops and steel grating is advancing to bolster drainage systems. On Husainee Hingun, efforts focus on trenching existing asphalt to facilitate corner making, while tree pit creation enhances greenery along Balleedhandu Hingun. Ameenee Goalhi sees the completion of tree pit finishing, along with ongoing trenching, backfilling, and corner making endeavors to optimize traffic flow and safety. Meanwhile, Bodu Rasgefaanu Goalhi's landscape is being enhanced through the finalization of tree pit finishing work. 
24th March 2024 - 30th March 2024
In Dh. Kudahuvadhoo, various projects are underway across different areas. In Fareedhee Magu, efforts are focused on improving drainage infrastructure, with activities such as backfilling and leveling, excavation for storm water systems, installation of storm water junctions, and laying storm water pipeline pipes. On Kurivaa Hingun, work is being done to finish tree pits, likely as part of landscaping efforts to beautify the area and provide greenery. Sosun Magu sees excavation of existing asphalt to facilitate corner making, indicating potential road layout adjustments for improved traffic flow and safety. Similarly, on Aabaadhee Hingun, excavation of existing asphalt is taking place for corner making, likely as part of road improvement projects. In Husenee Hingun, activities involve excavation for curbline installation, followed by the installation of curbline structures. Backfilling and leveling works are also in progress to ensure the road surface is restored and leveled properly. Lastly, on Balleedhandu Hingun, finishing works for tree pits are being carried out.
17th March 2024 - 23rd March 2024
Road development activities are currently underway on three different roads: Bodurasgefaanu Magu, Fareedhee Magu, and Sosun Magu. At Bodurasgefaanu Magu, the primary focus is on backfilling and leveling to ensure proper groundwork preparation. Fareedhee Magu is undergoing stormwater pipeline work, involving excavation, pipe laying, junction installation, and HDPE pipe welding. Additionally, there is work related to dewatering HDPE pipes. Meanwhile, Sosun Magu is undergoing enhancements to its infrastructure, including trenching existing asphalt for finishing road corners and completing tree pits. 
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