HA. Dhihdhoo Project Updates

10 June 2024

02nd June 2024 - 08th June 2024
In the ongoing Phase 2 project in Ha. Dhihdhoo, significant progress is being made on road infrastructure improvements. Dhaanaakaleyfaanu Magu is a focal point, with various activities aimed at enhancing road quality and safety. Paving works are underway, accompanied by the reinstallation, removal, and installation of curbstones, ensuring proper delineation of the road edges. Additionally, the installation of curbstone corners and treepits further contributes to the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the road. Keywall works are also being carried out to reinforce road structures and prevent erosion. In parallel, at Rassigandu Magu, the installation of stormwater junctions is progressing, addressing drainage needs.
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