Kulhudhuffushi City Project Updates

31 March 2024

31st March 2024 - 06th April 2024
In the second phase of development in Kulhudhuffushi City, a series of infrastructure projects are actively underway to address various aspects of urban improvement. Manaaz Goalhi and Fareedhee Magu witness asphalt laying activities, aimed at upgrading road surfaces for smoother travel experiences. Concurrently, road excavation works on Kudheenaa Hingun signify efforts to enhance transportation networks and accessibility within the region. In Dhandu Magu, keywall construction efforts underway to bolster structural integrity, alongside levels marking for curbline and installation of curbstones. 
24th March 2024 - 30th March 2024   
In the ongoing Phase 2 development in Hdh. Kulhudhuffushi, several infrastructure projects are being executed across different streets and areas. On Heynakathaa Hingun, keywall construction is underway, which is crucial for retaining walls and ensuring stability in the area. Additionally, curbstone installation is being carried out to enhance road delineation and safety. Excavation for subgrade is taking place on Kudheenaa Hingun, alongside fire hydrant work, indicating efforts to improve underground infrastructure and emergency response capabilities. In Maalihaa Magu west and Dharahdhaa Magu, asphalt laying projects are in progress. Final cutting and recompacting of the Aggregate Base Course (ABC) layer is being conducted on Fareedhee Magu and Namoonaa Hingun. Furthermore, cable junction crossing work is being carried out on Dhandu Magu.
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