M. Mulak Project Updates

24 March 2024

07th April 2024 - 20th April 2024
Along Chaandhanee Magu, meticulous paving work is underway, aimed at enhancing the accessibility and aesthetics of the thoroughfare. Onsite casting of stormwater top-level and welding activities ensures robust utility infrastructure, complemented by the installation of stormwater tanks and laying of pipes to mitigate flooding risks. Simultaneously, the removal of shuttering and backfilling activities signifies progress toward completing these crucial projects.
In Huseynee Magu, attention is focused on fortifying the landscape with keywall laying, offering structural stability. The casting of light footings enhances pedestrian safety and accessibility, aligning with efforts to create a welcoming environment. Additionally, sidewalk paving endeavors promise to further enhance the pedestrian experience, fostering a sense of connectivity and community engagement.
31st March 2024 - 06th April 2024
Along Huseynee Magu, a variety of infrastructure development tasks are currently underway. This includes laying paving blocks to establish durable and visually appealing pathways, as well as filling curb gaps to ensure accessibility and safety for pedestrians. Backfilling operations are also in progress to provide stability and support to the surrounding areas. Additionally, keywalls are being implemented to reinforce structural integrity and prevent erosion along the thoroughfare. Meanwhile, in Chaandhanee Magu, the installation of a stormwater tank is being conducted to manage and mitigate the impact of stormwater runoff, emphasizing environmental sustainability and infrastructure resilience in M. Mulak.  
24th March 2024 - 30th March 2024
In M. Mulak, various infrastructure projects are progressing across different areas, including Sosun Magu, Huseynee Magu, Ameenee Magu, and Chaandhanee Magu. On Sosun Magu, efforts are focused on road maintenance with tasks such as cleaning and leveling, aiming to improve the overall condition and accessibility of the road. In Huseynee Magu, several tasks are underway, including laying paving cut pieces, installing large curbstones, laying CBJ crossing pipes, installing corner curbs, and casting footings for street lights. Additionally, backfilling and cleaning activities are being conducted, indicating the completion of previous tasks and preparation for subsequent phases. Ameenee Magu is undergoing excavation work and stormwater (SW) pipe laying, suggesting upgrades to the drainage system for better water management. Furthermore, preparations for casting the SW top-level are in progress. In Chaandhanee Magu, excavation work is underway for the installation of a stormwater tank.
17th March 2024 - 23rd March 2024
At Sosun Magu, the focus is on stormwater management with the installation of a stormwater tank, laying of stormwater pipes, and backfilling works to ensure effective drainage. Additionally, road cleaning activities are being carried out to maintain cleanliness and ensure the smooth functioning of the road.
In Huseynee Magu, paving work is carried out to improve road surfaces, backfilling work to stabilize the ground, and the laying of cable junction cross pipes to reinforce utility networks. Furthermore, streetlight post installation aims to enhance visibility and safety for pedestrians and commuters, while cable junction elevation works are underway.
Meanwhile, at Ameenee Magu, efforts are focused on excavating and relocating a stormwater tank to improve its functionality and optimize its placement within the area.
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